IDEXX CornerStone Veterinary Practice Management

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Elevate IDEXX Corerner Stone Practice management software with our high-availability cloud solutions. CloudBento VPC solutions can offload the entire suite of CornerStone solutions to Amazon Cloud or provide a warm-failover environment to keep your practice running under all conditions. We understand how valuable Cornerstone is to your practice, and offer the right mix of cloud technologies [...]

Impromed Infinity Veterinary Practice Management

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ImproMed Infinity is powerful practice management software designed to help veterinarians realize increased profits through greater productivity. ImproMed’s latest version of Infinity offers feature rich modules that give your hospital the power to increase profits, reduce expenses, and recover missed charges. At CloudBento, we understand the demands of modern veterinary practices. As good as Infinity software [...]

TrialWorks Legal Case Management Software

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TrialWorks Case Management Software for Law Firms is the leader in PI/Litigation/Insurance case management.  TrialWorks, since 1995, has been managing legal documents, dockets, calendars, notes, contacts, costs, and evidence for both plaintiff and defense firms and agencies.  TrialWorks is capable of quickly assemblying legal documents, integrating with Outlook calendars, and manage all aspects of legal work [...]

CaseLode Financial for Law Firms

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Legal accounting software from CaseLode is designed to save your firm money. By eliminating costly repetition of work and offering a powerful system for monitoring billing, receivables, payroll, and more, CaseLode can improve the overall efficiency of your office. CaseLode law firm accounting software seamlessly integrates with practice management software to provide a total office solution. [...]

Abacus Private Cloud Alternative

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AbacusLaw is fantastic, easy-to-use practice management software that simplifies your buiness management, case management, time, billing & accounting operations. If you are considering moving AbacusLaw Case Automation Software to a hosting enviromnment and want another choice for Abacus Private Cloud, talk to our solution consultants. CloudBento offers a Amazon Virtual Private Cloud environments that are a [...]

Better Hosting.

Choosing a data-center for storing data should be difficult. In the end, business owners are fully responsible for he confidentially, integrity, and availability of their information technology. Owning a virtual private cloud is a responsible and logical step for any company that values their privacy, security, and availability.

Compliance Warning.

Just because your vendor claims their data center is HIPAA/FINRA/FISMA/PCI certified, does not mean that they are. Hosted providers have access to credentials, systems, and data that may fall under regulatory control. We design your clouds to match requirements and provide assurance.
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