CloudBento is a true single-tenant private cloud solution built on Amazon Web Services.

We offer a cloud brokerage and management service that helps your business deploy new & legacy applications (you already own) into Amazon Virtual Private Cloud with minimal effort and expense. We specialize in implementing and maintaining Windows Servers that mirror corporate networks in Amazon EC2/VPC. Just as you click to launch a program on your computer today, you can instead stream those apps from Amazon Data centers. It is reliable, secure, and has a lower total cost of ownership than your present systems.

Why is CloudBento a better choice?

Not all hosted software offerings marketed as “cloud” are true cloud solutions. Recognizing a lucrative chance to create an additional revenue stream, many on-premise vendors are trying to pull the cloud over your eyes by “cloud-washing” their applications. Although we can’t rework their applications, we can give your business the best cloud computing capabilities to run them with the power of Amazon Web Services.

  • Our three step migration process is risk free to your firm. Test Drive Your Cloud.

  • Your cloud is fully managed by us, an accredited AWS Consulting Partner.

  • Single-tenant, elastic, and redundant clouds powered by Amazon Web Services.

  • Proven methods create lean environments with low monthly usage costs.

  • Modern operating systems and productivity applications. Stay Current.

Success Stories
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Shared infrastructure comes in many forms.

Shared infrastructure comes in many forms.

CloudBento provides logically isolated sections of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud for your business. Server instances are not shared keeping your data private. Does your host provider do that?


Data encryption at rest and transit.

Data encryption at rest and transit.

Data encryption while in transit is a common distraction for hosting environments where encryption in-state is not availble. We encrypt your data end-to-end. The only people who can see your data are your authorized users. Preserve the integrity and confidentiality of your data.


Simply done better.

Simply done better.

CloudBento provides all Remote Desktop Applications with access through Parallels Remote Application Servers. Our systems give you the best experience on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and everything else. Always available.