CloudBento is a true multi-tenant private cloud solution built on Amazon Web Services.

CloudBento Fixed Price is designed with reliability, capability, and price in mind.  At the heart of this service is our ultra-reliable user authentication system with servers in multiple data centers powered by Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise.  Each organization has their own server instance for storing files on encrypted disk volumes and providing back-end services to VPNs, on-premise printers, and any applications that require Windows Server. Each user receives their own dedicated remote workspace – accessible from anywhere – on which they can install applications (even DropBox), make changes, and customize their experience without affecting anyone else. The entire system is supported by our engineering team and by our help-desk available 24/7. Each component is multi-tenant and redundant.  Fixed monthly pricing billed per user.

CloudBento Bespoke is a custom deployment solution that gives organizations their own directory services, storage, database support, and server instances. There are no limitations to the simplicity or complexity of these environments.  CloudBento provides the architectural design, infrastructure support, and ongoing maintenance of these systems. Each virtual private cloud is completely separated.  Use cases include active directory, Microsoft SQL Servers, file servers, and remote desktop services.  Variable monthly pricing based on utilization.

How do we compare?

Fixed Price

For companies that want the best infrastructure at a fixed cost.


For companies that have unique needs and require elasticity.


Based on a popular law office case management product hosting solution.

24/7 Support
Remote Desktop and Applications
Active Directory
Microsoft SQL Server
Document and File Storage
Encrypted Storage
Dedicated Remote App Servers
End-Users can install applications
Dedicated File/Mission Servers
Dedicated Database Servers
Logical Isolation of Customers
Firewall Isolation of Customers
VPN Support
On-Premise File Synchronization
Advanced Printing
Multiple Data Centers
Multiple Data Regions
Enterprise Backup
Regulatory Compliant Data Centers
Regulatory Compliant Operations
Managed Active Directory
Dedicated Active Directory
Managed SQL
Dedicated SQL
Dedicated Server for Document Workload
Dedicated Servers for ANY Workload
Dedicated (Desktop VDI) User Workspaces
Shared (Remote App) User Workspaces
Linux (CentOS, RedHat, Debian)
Scalable (Changing user counts)
Elastic (Changing workloads)
Parallels RAS
Azure Sync
Google G-Suite Sync
Load Balancing