Fixed Price and Bespoke.

Fixed Price customers enjoy total freedom from maintaining complex infrastructure. We provide unparalleled and ultra-high availability enterprise directory systems, managed and redundant database servers, dedicated file and print servers, all infrastructure administration, help desk support, and – unlike the competition – fully dedicated user workspaces.  Complete freedom, no fuss.  Each tenant is provisioned the same way: logically isolated, independent, and always available.

Bespoke customers benefit from advanced virtual private cloud infrastructure, data, licensing, and support. All itemized and billed at cost along with a proportional management and support fee. Our cloud architects will help you design the ideal environment whether it is to host a few windows applications on terminal servers or process heavy workloads.  Each virtual private cloud is provisioned to your needs.

*CloudBento Fixed Price allows for up to 30Gb of data per user.  Additional storage allocation available in high performance SSD, generic magnetic volumes, simple object storage system, or using low-performance high volume storage for archiving.  We will optimize your storage to balance performance and reduce overhead.

Fixed Price

  • Managed Directory and SQL Server
  • Secure workspaces for each user
  • Resilient & redundant
  • Encrypted Storage
  • BCSF Security Policy
  • Run server or desktop applications.
  • Always High-Availability
  • Standard or Extended Support


  • Managed or Dedicated Servers
  • Isolated or Remote App streaming
  • Custom Architecture
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Custom Security Policy
  • Your Infrastructure
  • Mission-Specific Availability
  • Custom Support

Your fixed or estimated costs include computing, core licensing, and support. Fixed Price licensing is available for any size company. Bespoke Pricing estimated using 24 people.

Cold Failover Site

  • Estimated
  • Limited Licensing
  • Production apps (BYOL)
  • 10 GB Bandwith


  • Estimated
  • Licensing & Support
  • Inventory (BYOL)
  • Financial (BYOL)

Law Firm

  • Estimated
  • Licensing & Support
  • Microsoft Office E3
  • Case Management (BYOL)

Financial Services

  • Estimated
  • Licensing & Support
  • Microsoft Office E3
  • Business Software (BYOL)

Hot Failover Site

  • Estimated
  • Licensing & Support
  • Data Synchronization
  • Business Software (BYOL)


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